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Molds: Ornate

Molds are made from durable clear plastic suitable for hot processed, cold processed, and melt and pour soap making when mold guidelines/pouring temperatures are followed. May also be used for wax applications and ceramic crafts. Ounces indicated are liquid volume only. Actual weight of finished product may vary.

Price breaks apply only to multiple orders of the same design:

1 - 4 molds of any design

$ 8.15 each

5-9 molds of same design

$ 7.90 each

10 or more of same design

$ 7.65 each

Plum Leaf Soap Mold

Finished Plum Leaf Soap

Plum Leaf $8.15
Item #255

Easy to pour in multiple colors. A very classic design that fits the hand perfectly. Measures 4.5 " x 2.7" wide x 1 1/8 " deep. Holds approximately 4.33 liquid ounces. Three cavities per mold.

Oval Rim Soap Bar Mold

Finished Oval Rim Soap Finished Oval Rim Soap

ITEM #252
Oval Rim Bar Soap Mold $8.15

A classic year-round design. Measures 3.75" long x 2.4" wide x 1 1/4" deep. Holds approximately 4.25 liquid ounces. The oval rimmed areas easily accept mulitple color pours. Three cavities per mold.

Retro Curved Top Mold

Retro Curved Top $8.15
Item 235
A clear 3 cavity mold. 3.6 x 2 3/4" wide x 1.2" deep. Approximately 4.5 ounces.

Pie Heart MoldPie Heart Slice

Pie Heart Mold Pie Heart Slice

Pie Heart $8.15
Item 234
Eight 1-inch thick slices, 8 inch diameter. Pieces are scored for easy cutting. 4.25 ounces per slice.

Eternal Love Square Mold

Eternal Love Square Soap Mold

Enlarged View

Eternal Love Square $8.15
Item 214
Approximately 4 ounces per cavity - 3 cavities. 3" x 3" x 1" deep.

Deco Button Mold

Ornate Deco Button Mold

Enlarged View

Ornate Deco Button (guest size) $8.15
Item 220
Approximately 2 ounces per cavity - 4 cavities. 2.75" diameter x 3/4" deep.

Fleur de Lis Mold

Finished Fleur de Lis Soap
Enlarged View

Fleur de Lis (with beaded border) $8.15
Item 152
5 oz.- 3 cavities. 4" x 2 3/4", 1 1/2" at deepest point (depth is 1" from the beaded border area and increases in depth to the center of mold).

Rocaille Ornate Bar

Rocaille Bar Finished
Enlarged View

Rocaille Bar $8.15
Item 201
3 cavities- 4 ounces. 3 1/2" x 2 3/8", 1 1/4" at deepest point. Pronounced "Roh-Kai". Finished soap by pjsoaps.com for the Mold Market collection.

Brooch Bar Soap MoldFinished Brooch Bar

Enlarged View

Brooch Bar $8.15
Item 099
3 cavities- 5.5 ounces per cavity
2.5" X 4.23" X 1.3" deep. Finished soap by pjsoaps.com for Mold Market.

Beaded Oval Soap Mold

Finished Pink Soap
Enlarged View

Oval Beaded Border $8.15
Item 072
5 oz.- 3 cavities.
3.7" x 2.5 ", 1" deep. Finished soap by pjsoaps.com for Mold Market.

Jewel Soap Mold

Faceted Jewel Finished Soap
Enlarged View

Faceted Jewel $8.15
Item 035
4 oz.- 3 cavities. 3.2" X 1.12" deep. Finished soap by pjsoaps.com for Mold Market.

Wave BarFinished Wave Bar Soap
Enlarged View

Wave Bar $8.15
Item 098
5.5 oz.- 3 cavities
3.3" X 1.45" deep. Finished soap by pjsoaps.com for Mold Market.

Ridge Bar Mold

Finished Soap Ridge Bar

Elegant Oval Ridge Bar $8.15
Item 148
4 oz.- 3 cavities
2.75" X 4" X 1.08" deep. A simple but elegant design.


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